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QC's Week 11 Thoughts

Kansas City has won 7 of its last 8 games. During that stretch, Andy Reid's team has improved its play design differential more than 10% from -9.81% to +0.65%. A team that takes care of the ball and pressure's the passer like the Chiefs will always be a hard team to beat. But KC may not have the offensive play-making necessary to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender in a conference that features P-Rex Manning, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck. If the Chiefs are off their control game even a little, they will be shown the playoff door.


When Tennessee fell to Pittsburgh, 27-24, on MNF, it marked just the third time all year that quarterback (Zach Mettenberg) generated infinite player productivity and lost. Cleveland's Brian Hoyer fell to Baltimore when the Browns were not solid in the kicking game and Green Bay's Aaron Rogers lost an infinte productivity shootout to New Orleans Drew Brees when a couple deflected balls turned into turnovers. For the season, QBs that generate infinite productivity are 42-3 (.933).


Speaking of Pittsburgh, oh how the defense of Steelers' coordinator Dick LeBeau has fallen. Coming into the year, Pittsburgh's D-QCYPA average over the past five years was a splendid 6.057. This year that number is a miserable 7.911. The D is injured, old and just flat out pretty bad. The Steelers survived the woeful Titans. But it is unlikely they can do much in playoffs.


Every team in the NFC North has a postive play design differential and only Pittsburgh has a negative turnover differential. Every team in the AFC South has a negative turnover differential and only Atlanta has a positive turnover differential.
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